There are 3 main types of placeholder - Relational, Player and Faction.

Relational Placeholders

Please note that these are compatible in plugins that support PlaceholderAPI relational placeholders.

Placeholder Description
%rel_factionsuuid_relation% The relation between the 2 players
%rel_factionsuuid_relation_color% Color of the relation between the 2 players

Player placeholders

Placeholder Description
%factionsuuid_player_name% The player's name
%factionsuuid_player_lastseen% Last time the player was seen on the server or their online status
%factionsuuid_player_group% Player's permission group
%factionsuuid_player_balance% Player's money
%factionsuuid_player_power% Player's power
%factionsuuid_player_maxpower% Max power a player can have
%factionsuuid_player_kills% Kills by this player
%factionsuuid_player_deaths% Deaths by this player
%factionsuuid_player_role% Player's faction role
%factionsuuid_player_role_name% Player's faction role's name

Faction Placeholders

Faction Placeholder Description
%factionsuuid_faction_name% Faction's tag
%factionsuuid_faction_power% Faction's current power
%factionsuuid_faction_powermax% Faction's max power
%factionsuuid_faction_description% Faction's long description
%factionsuuid_faction_can_see_online% Displays all Faction members except players who are vanished
%factionsuuid_faction_claims% Number of claimed chunks
%factionsuuid_faction_founded% Date your faction was founded
%factionsuuid_faction_joining% If your faction is allowing new members
%factionsuuid_faction_peaceful% If your faction is peaceful
%factionsuuid_faction_powerboost% Faction's current powerboost
%factionsuuid_faction_leader% Name of the leader
%factionsuuid_faction_warps% Number of warps
%factionsuuid_faction_raidable% If HCF features are enabled, shows if your faction is raidable
%factionsuuid_faction_home_world% World of your faction's home
%factionsuuid_faction_home_x% X coordinate of your faction's home
%factionsuuid_faction_home_y% Y coordinate of your faction's home
%factionsuuid_faction_home_z% Z coordinate of your faction's home
%factionsuuid_faction_land_value% Total value of your faction's land
%factionsuuid_faction_land_refund% How much your faction would get if they refunded the land
%factionsuuid_faction_bank_balance% Faction's bank balance
%factionsuuid_faction_allies% Number of allies
%factionsuuid_faction_enemies% Number of enemies
%factionsuuid_faction_truces% Number of truces
%factionsuuid_faction_online% Number of players online in your faction
%factionsuuid_faction_offline% Number of players offline in your faction
%factionsuuid_faction_size% Total online and offline faction members
%factionsuuid_faction_kills% Total kills your faction has
%factionsuuid_faction_deaths% Total deaths your faction has
%factionsuuid_faction_maxvaults% Max vaults your faction can have