Raw Kit Permissions

Kit Name Abilities Permission Node
Admin All factions permissions to handle anything inside of SavageFactions factions.kit.admin OR factions.*
(Full)Mod All factions permissions except configuration modification/persistence factions.kit.mod
HalfMod Claiming, Bypassing, Kicking, and factions ChatSpy for ANY faction factions.kit.halfmod
FullPlayer Regular factions player without some enhanced feature permissions factions.kit.fullplayer
HalfPlayer Regular factions player without creation and title permissions factions.kit.halfplayer
FullMoney Same as StandardMoney except with the ability to withdraw money from any faction*
StandardMoney A standard set of economy permissions for players

Full Permission List

Permission Node Description
factions.admin Hand over your admin rights to a faction
factions.admin.any Give or revoke admin status for any player in any faction
factions.announce Announce things to your faction members
factions.autoclaim Auto-claim land as you walk around
factions.bypass Toggle admin bypass mode Change chat mode
factions.chatspy Enable faction chat spy
factions.claim Claim the chunk you are standing in
factions.claim.radius Claim chunks in a large radius
factions.config Change a conf.json setting
factions.create Create a new faction
factions.deinvite Remove a pending invitation
factions.description Change the faction description
factions.disband Disband the faction the player is in
factions.disband.any Disband another faction (Ignores faction-specific permissions) Display a help page
factions.home Teleport to the faction home
factions.invite Invite a player to your faction
factions.join Join a faction
factions.join.any Join any faction (Bypasses invitation system)
factions.join.others Force another user to join a faction
factions.kick Kick a player from your faction
factions.kick.any Kick anyone from any faction
factions.leave Leave your faction
factions.list View a list of all factions
factions.lock Lock all writable configuration options
factions.managesafezone Claim land for the safezone and build & destroy in the safezone
factions.managewarzone Claim land for the warzone and build & destroy in the warzone Show the territory map, and set optional auto-update
factions.mod Give or revoke moderator rights
factions.mod.any Give or revoke moderator rights for any player in any faction Show your faction's current balance Show any faction's current balance Deposit money into a faction bank Withdraw money from your faction bank Withdraw money from any faction Transfer money from one faction to another Transfer money from the faction bank to a player's bank Transfer money from a player's bank to a faction's bank Transfer money from a player's bank to a faction's bank
factions.noboom Toggle explosions in your faction land (Peaceful factions only) Toggle invitation requirement to join
factions.owner Set membership of claimed chunk
factions.ownerlist List owner(s) of claimed chunk
factions.ownershipbypass Bypass ownership restrictions within owned land
factions.setpeaceful Designate a faction as peaceful
factions.setpermanent Designate a faction as permanent
factions.setpermanentpower Set permanent power for a faction
factions.stuck Teleports the executor outside a faction's land
factions.power Show information about a player's power
factions.power.any Show another player's power level
factions.power.any Apply permanent power bonus/penalty to a player or faction
factions.relation Set relation wish with another faction
factions.reload Reload data file(s) from disk Save all data to disk
factions.sethome Set the faction home
factions.sethome.any Set the faction home for any faction Show faction information Show exempt faction information
factions.tag Change the faction tag
faction.title Set or remove a player's faction title
factions.title.color Use color codes in faction titles
factions.version See the version of the plugin
factions.unclaim Unclaim the chunk you are standing in
factions.unclaimall Unclaim all your faction land
factions.scoreboard Ability to toggle scoreboards
factions.showinvites Show pending invites to your faction
factions.seechunk See the borders of the chunk you are standing in
factions.setwarp Set a faction warp
factions.warp Access and teleport to faction warps
factions.modifypower Modify another player's power
factions.monitorlogins Monitor the joining and leaving of your faction members
factions.claim.line Claim in a line Sort factions
factions.togglealliancechat Toggle alliance chat on and off
factions.dontlosepoweroffline Don't lose power for being offline
factions.ahome Ability to send players to their faction home
factions.autoleavebypass Bypass auto leave
factions.vault Access faction vault
factions.setmaxvault Set the maximum amount of vaults a faction can have
factions.mapheight Set the /f map height
factions.ban Ban players from a faction Allow use of /f fly
factions.rules Add/remove/set/view rules for your own faction
factions.checkpoint Set or teleport to a faction checkpoint
factions.tnt Add/take from faction TNT bank
factions.near See a list of nearby faction members
factions.upgrades Open faction upgrade menu
factions.getvault Get faction vault item
factions.coleader Grant/revoke co-leader status
factions.tpbanner Teleport to faction banner
factions.banner Create a faction banner
factions.killholos Kill invisible holograms
factions.stealth Enter faction stealth mode
factions.coords Broadcast your coordinates to a player
factions.chest Open virtual shared faction chest
factions.paypal.viewall View other factions' PayPal ID
factions.setpaypal Set/view your own faction's PayPal ID
factions.claimat "Click-to-claim" permission node for /f map
factions.manageperms Manage faction permissions
factions.lockspawners Permission to lock spawner placing/breaking
factions.near Allows players to use /f near
factions.members Allow opening of member GUI. Bypass checking of enemies nearby when flying.
factions.tntfill Allows players to use /f tntfill
factions.particle View Particle GUI
factions.grace Toggle Factions Grace by /f grace.
factions.alts Allow people to use /f alts
factions.strikes Allow people to use /f strikes.